Friday Fancies

Hey there! I hope your week was amazing! My week was pretty good and here are my fancies!
Check out this spectacular travel mug :-o 
TeesAndTankYouShop on etsy
OK, I feel like these are the most PERFECT enamel pins I have found yet, I love Hocus Pocus!
Barruntando on etsy
Gorgeous little ceramic dinosaur, so precious 
SquigglePopStudio on etsy
Some friends and I have formed a book club so I of course HAD to buy these stickers! 
ena & albert
Gorgeous necklace - I love the little flecks of gold 
Scout Editions
I love pigeons, I know most people think they're pests but they're so cute! 
I am also against cats calls so I need this shirt! 
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo

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