Washi Lane June Subscription

I recently signed up for Washi Lanes washi tape subscription and June's delivery was SO GOOD!
All of the washi tape they sent was absolutely gorgeous, the deer tape was my personal favourite! I couldn't find these top 3 on their online store, but I found a deer one that is similar here. 
These 2 tapes are super pretty too, the top one is incredibly smooth and the bottom one is so pretty and sweet. I found the top one on their website here
 They also include the cutest stickers! How sweet are they! I want to hoard them forever! 
 I had a include a little close up of them, they're just so adorable 

They also included little cards and some more stickers! This was the most perfect little parcel to arrive in my letterbox! I was very happy :-)
Megan xo


  1. The top flower washi and the blue geometric stole my heart.

    1. The blue one is freaking SILKY smooth, it's so weird. When you reply to my last letter I will send you a sample of it (if I remember) so you can feel how nice it is!