Create Everyday 2016 Days 139-152

I did so well with my creations this fortnight! Check them out!
Made some candles at my women's group! + drew a cranky little Peach :-) 
Made some hair ties + bought a little sun catcher kit at the Reject Shop, it's so pretty 
Planning + getting messy and stamping lame but inspiring quotes 
Being a grown up with glitter glue + stamping a birthday card envelope 
Practicing drawing faces + after work easy creations 
Cookies! + more planning 
Doodling with my watercolours + I finished making a bookmark for a swap I'm a part of - I love how it turned out!!! 
Have a wonderful day :-)
Megan xo


  1. I'm sorry, I can't not say this... is that Mr Twit? Because it totally looks like him, and I love that book. I bags buying for James for his birthday.

    1. HAHA! It DOES look like him! Good call!