Halloween Decor 2015

Halloween isn't very big in Australia, although each year I see more and more of in stores which pleases me! I wish it was as big here as it is in America! I decided to decorate my house this year and I am pretty happy with what I have!
Katherine sent me this awesome sign! I love it!
Adorable cat that now has real cat hair on it (thanks Violet)
My favourite part. Katherine sent me this awesome cat skeleton which I want to keep out as regular home decor forever! I also have a cauldron and cute little skull fairy lights.
This photo is a bit crummy, but I love a good garland

As you can see from the last few pics, I LOVE tinsel
Creepy skull watching over our kitchen
And finally I found ghosty Halloween tinsel! SCORE! (Bonus -a confused Noah in the background)
Have you decorated for Halloween?
Megan xo 


  1. Wow, your decorating is awesome! No wonder you got so many Trick or Treaters!

    1. Thanks! I still can't believe how many we got!