Friday Fancies

Oh boy, what a week. I've been super busy lately and for the next 8 days I have stuff happening on 7 of them! I better get some blog posts ready for next week! Hopefully I can come up with something, but for now here are my fancies.
SarahLeoraa on etsy
Moonrise Kingdom pouch! 
UnfortunateFace on etsy
Can I borrow a feeling? Could you send me a jar of love? Hurtin' hearts need some healing, Take my hand with your glove of love!
monstersoutside on etsy
Mulder + a cat? Yes please
chelsyladams on etsy
This is so simple and pretty
dollybirddesign on etsy
This necklace is so pretty 
MokuyobiThreads on etsy
 This etsy has the cutest little patches! I'd love to add them to my collection
TeamArt on etsy
This whole shop is great, but I love this one 
zakkastationery on eBay
I love puffy stickers! And these are super cute :3
As you can see, I love etsy! It's just so cool to have access to amazing things that cool people have made! 
Have a great weekend
Megan xo

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