Daily Instax July 16-29

Wow, my weeks keep getting busier and busier! I am rushing to get this done today as my Mum will be arriving any minute! Sorry the photos are bit crooked haha
A letter on the back of a puzzle + cutie pies
Nathan singing "The Circle of Life" and holding Violet - she's the only one that doesn't mind being held + a marshmallow
Beetroot tart and Coming to America + off to TAFE with my backpack (I feel like I'm going to school again!)
Met up with my brother Paul and his fiancee in the city + I choose very grown up pillows
On my way home from my volunteer job I stopped at the Hawksbury lookout + my favourite instax EVER!!
A tree outside my house + I did a sewing course and made a dinosaur skirt!
Received my Period Panties in the mail (yes that says Cunt Dracula - I love them) + Noah stole Amos's bed! Jerk
Today I am off to Berrima with my Mum and I am so excited!
Take care
Megan xo

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  1. Love your new pillows. The cat face is awesome.