My Geek Space

A super rad blogger that I discovered recently had a cool idea of sharing geek spaces...
The Idea:
Show off your Geek Space. It could be your room, your office, your living room, even your kitchen. You can include what's on shelves, you can show off a little or a lot! There really are no rules. Now go on and show us your #GeekSpace. When you're done send mollyskywalker[at] an email and she'll add it to the #GeekSpace master list(You're welcome to use the image above for your post if you like)
I thought it was such a cool idea and decided to share my favourite spots on my bookshelves! Check out more info here at The Princess and the Geek!
In one section I have my figurine of Lulu from Final Fantasy X along with a cactuar and moogle plushy also from Final Fantasy. In front I have my little Gizmo toy - I love his ears. 
Another section houses my Walking Dead figurines that my brother Glenn bought me, a glass jar containing a bow tie from my best friend, a T-Rex that I bought from the Dinosaur Museum in Canberra and finally my Time Turner from Harry Potter!
Next are my Princess Leia Pop Vinyl figurine and tiny little Han and Chewy toys that I think I bought from Coles or Woolworths!
My favourite part are my Walking Dead Pop Vinyl figurines - they look so cool all lined up along with my Kaylee from Firefly figurine, she's my favourite <3

So those are my favourite spots in my geek space! Let me know what you think :-)
Megan xo


  1. awesome GEEK SPACE! I always wanted a moogle plush :D and I love the Kaylee figure!!! LOVE!!!

    1. Yay! Thank you! I trust you got my email haha :-D

    2. No :( I haven't received any emails from you! unless I'm going crazy :(

    3. Oh really! I sent it on the 12th! Does your email have numbers at the end of it? In the post about your geekspace it doesn't but in your about me section it has what I am assuming is your birth year? Maybe I sent it to the wrong one :-(