Snail Mail Supplies

After I went to the Unleash Creative event recently I remembered how much I used to love sending mail to my pen pals in America, Canada and Scotland. And now I have a brand new obsession! I made a couple of friends at the event, one of which will be receiving a letter from me soon, and I found lots of places online to find pen pals so I decided it was the perfect excuse to buy stickers and stuff to decorate all of these letters with! Here are some of the things I've bought recently
I went to Big W one day and had a look into the craft and stationery section and they had so many good things, including this big pack of Disney Princess stickers and felt clouds!

The other sticks that I bought were from an Etsy store called CraftyCreations2012 and they are an Australian seller!

I got the smaller envelopes that tie from Big W and the kraft plain postcards are from zakkalover on etsy!
Also from zakkalover are these cool envelopes that fold into a box so you can send a few of the postcards if you wanted to!

Tape! I love washi tape and pretty much any fun tape! The floral tape and the black cat tape are from zakkalover, the clouds and hearts tape is from CraftyCreations2012 and the pack of glitter tape is from Big W and I think it was only $4!
The last thing I bought is this huge box that I found at The Reject Shop for $5. It fits a lot of my crafty supplies and all of my envelopes and paper. Plus the colours make me think of peppermints!

I am so excited to start making fun letters to send out to people, it's such a great way to create things and to make friends! Have a wonderful day.
Megan xo