The Autumn Tag

Good morning! I stole yet another post idea from The Princess and the Geek who recently did a "Spring" Tag but changed it for the Southern Hemisphere. I've never done a tag before so I thought I would do this tag as I love Autumn & Winter!
1. What is your favourite nail colour for Autumn? 
I think my favourites are definitely this blue from Revlon and any dark red or purple!
2. Best drink for Autumn?
This! Real Chai is sooo good. I make it with soy milk and a little bit of honey and it is perfect.
3. What goes on your lips in Autumn?
I have really dry skin, and in the colder months my lips love to get dry and chapped so Honey Trap from Lush is kept with my at all times and I use their lip scrubs whenever my lips are really bad!
4. What's your favourite thing about Autumn?
Um, everything? I live in a bushfire prone area (last year 1/3 of our street was lost) so the cooler months means no worrying about that. Plus we have a fireplace where we can light a fire, the cats all love to snuggle in bed with us when it's cold and winter clothing is the best! Scarves, beanies, jumpers - I love it all. 
5. Best perfume for Autumn?
I received this from my Secret Santa at work a few years ago and to my surprise I really liked it! An older man in the office had me and I guess he was good at picking scents! I don't believe this is cruelty free so I won't repurchase it.
6. What TV series are you watching the most at the moment?

Copying Molly here and saying Game of Thrones because it's one of my favourite shows! Ahh so happy it's back and it's been so exciting! 
7. Do you wear a different eye shadow in Autumn?

I am a neutral eye shadow wearer, so I never really change anything but I think this Stila Sensational in Sydney palette would be good for Autumn. 
8. Do you change your hair for the changing season?
No, I change my hair whenever I feel like it! I don't worry about the seasons when making my hair decisions. 
9. What kind of music do you listen to in Autumn?
Whatever I feel like, but there is one particular song I like to listen to in the colder months -

10. What kind of fashion items/accessories do you opt for in Autumn?
Beanies and scarves are my favourite accessories, but I also like long necklaces and this bear from ASOS is my favourite! 

That's all. I hope you enjoyed my answers, if you want to do the tag you should! 
Megan xo 


  1. I LOVE real chai. I used to buy the massive bags of it at the market.

    1. It's so amazing - it shames every other chai tea I have ever tried