Amos Update

We have now had Amos for 3 months and they have flown by! He's such a funny dog. He can be a bit excitable at times, but he loves us and is so happy to hang out with us. He loves food, and his favourite toys are the ones that you fill with treats that he has to roll around to get the food out. He chews everything, and loves digging holes but he doesn't do any major damage so it's not something that really bothers us. He likes to steal socks and enjoys barking at garbage trucks! 
He also loves galloping around the backyard at 100 miles an hour! 
I love his gangly legs 
He always looks so sad, but he's just trying to fool you into giving him treats! 
Um, excuse me, didn't anyone give you permission to be so cute with that folded over ear?!
Isn't that the cutest face you have ever seen in your whole life? I just wanna smooch him all the time! 

We are so happy we adopted him. He still needs a LOT of training, but he's getting there and I think eventually he will be an amazing dog. We love him a lot! 
Have a wonderful day,
Megan xo 

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