Last weekend I went to Supanova Sydney with my eldest brother Glenn. It was really great, even though it was the busiest I've ever been to. I've been going for a few years and it's been getting steadily busier each year but this year was insane. I couldn't move in the Popcultcha section! There was lots of great cosplay and really awesome things to buy. Unfortunately I couldn't get too many photos of cosplay as it was too busy, but I got a few pictures!
We saw this girl dressed as Vanellope in a coffee shop before we went in, so cute! 
A Mario that I think looks like Michael Cera 
Mr Fredricksen from Up!! 
This was definitely my favourite. Louise and Tina! 
Now for the stuff I bought...don't judge me I was excited! 
I told Glenn I was looking for a Jigglypuff toy to buy and eventually I found this huge one! <3 
Labyrinth is one of my favourite movies, and I was walking around and spotted this guy. If you've seen Labyrinth you will know who this is*. He looks a little goofy, but I love it so much!
Giant donut pillow!! It's so soft and perfect. It looks so cute on our couch. 
Popcultcha do a deal at Supanova for the Pop! figurines so I got a few that I wanted, including Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters which is one I really wanted! 
Finally, my absolute favourite purchase of the day - an Ursula figurine. I was so happy to find this as Ursula is one of my favourite Disney villains! 
Bonus pic of Violet resting near the donut pillow. She'd had a hard morning of sleeping and eating. 
That's everything, thanks for reading!
Megan xo
* here's the scene in Labyrinth with the cute little worm!

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  1. Looks like you had such a rad time. I love the worm toy. So lucky.