Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful week, here are my fancies.
tuesdaybassen on etsy
The most perfect sticker in the whole world
Pet Barn
I'd love to buy one of these, but my cats prefer to sleep on us 
A Beautiful Mess
This flan looks delicious 
pikwahchan on etsy
In love with this washi dispenser, but it's $30 with postage which is too pricey 
KazsMannequin on etsy
Super cute washi tape! 
CloverPower on etsy
Tiny little envelope brooch! 
Mermaid Perfume
Will this give me long locks like mermaids have? If so I am buying it right now!
That's all for now. I am excited for the weekend, I am meeting my friend (that I haven't seen since November!) to go to some markets and then I plan to stop at Daiso on my way home and buy everything they have. Have a wonderful weekend!!
Megan xo

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