365 Crafting Time Days 351-365

Well, this is the last fortnight of 365 Crafting Time, and to be honest it was a really terrible effort on my behalf! Oh well, I tried! All in all, this project was really fun, but I won't be contuing on with it. I put too much pressure on myself and everyday I wrote "craft" on my to do list, and if I didn't make anything I felt terrible about it! I will still of course be crafting, and will most likely be documenting everything I make every second Wednesday on here! Fingers crossed!
I love this paper + planning
Planning + a friendship bracelet in my new favourite colour combo
I love this paper too!! + more planning
A letter including Bianca Jagoe's mail tag
Take care!
Megan xo 
(P.S I totally stuffed up the title of these posts at some point - I'm bad at maths OK!!)

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