Friday Fancies

Hello! I'm back with some more favourites today. My non-material thing favourite is the fact that it's September which means it's finally spring! I love cold weather, but I am excited for slightly warmer weather and flowers. Now for the material stuff...
Very cool palmistry shirt - I would wear this on Halloween 
Urban Outfitters
I am a huge fan of to do lists and things that look like other things
A Pair & a Spare
Really cool envelopes - I may need to go to the Salvos for an old atlas!
Look at this totally impractical yet gorgeous backpack!!!! 
Ah! This mug! Ah! 
Lark Store
This would be an awesome pencil case 
Donut stickers - doesn't everyone need these in their life at some point?! 
Take care!
Megan xo


  1. I'm not sure that backpack is impractical. Funny shaped, sure, but it certainly looks roomy enough!
    And that little raccoon mug is adorable! <3

    1. That's true, it does look roomy - I meant for me going to my course and needing to take a gigantic folder and all sorts of junk haha. It's so pretty, I feel like Legolas needs it