Animal Series - Guinea Pigs

I asked my husband what animal I should choose for this week (there are a lot of animals, but that's the problem - I can't choose!), and he said "Guinea Pigs!". So here we are!

Of course I had to have a mug :-) 
Look at these kawaii piggies! 
 When Guinea Pigs Fly on etsy $10AUD
So cute!
 When Guinea Pigs Fly also have a Society6 page
How cute is this Jedi Guinea pig tote?! $22
And now for some cute real piggies...
Nathan insisted I include one wearing a sombrero!

Have an amazing day 
Megan xo  


  1. HAHAH! The little guy with the hat on is adorable. I really want the coffee mug!

    1. I think I want a guinea pig so I can make little hats for it!