Native Box January 2013

Native Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you eco-friendly and sustainable products every month for only $15. They are only a new company and I really love it! I have looked forward to every box and they haven't disappointed me yet! They favour Australian owned and made products and everything is cruelty free.

Here is what I received in the January box: 

The box you receive is simple but is still really nice! And most important, recyclable! 
The first item is Method biodegradable wipes. I was pretty excited to see these to be honest! I can't wait to try them out. They smell nice, clean and not chemically like other brands.
The next item is Venusian face cream by Essenza Pura. It states that it is a day/night cream, however it is so lovely and thick that I think it will work best for me as a night cream. It has a really subtle scent to it and it is really nice. 
Also included is some Morlife alkalsing greens which to be honest means nothin' to me! However reading a bit about it on the sheet included, it says that it is a blend of nutrient dense green super foods and you can add it to juice, smoothies, dips etc to get a boost of nutrients!
This was a nice addition, I have an eco-friendly toothbrush and I don't like it so much as it's bulky so I am hoping that when I recycle that one (tip: start a new toothbrush at the beginning of a new season) and start this one that it is better! This one is available at Go Green At Home
Mmm Kangaroo Valley hand made fudge that is gelatine free! I am not too keen on the flavour but it wsa melt in your mouth and had a lovely texture so I plan on purchasing some more flavours for sure.
Sanctum organic body soothe. This is a really light lotion that sinks in nicely. It also has a subtle scent to it, kind of lemony! 
Renewable and compostable bin bag! From Environmental Enterprises
Rainforest Rejuvenation body scrub. This smells so GOOD.  
And finally, a bonus item - Madura peppermint tea. Tea is the best.

All in all, a really impressive box. Nine products! NINE! And every item is vegan except for the fudge! 

I highly recommend Native Box! Here is where you can get more info:

Megan xo

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