I really, really want to be a good blogger. I want to make a post everyday to keep my thoughts and interests in order and I would LOVE to make friends through blogging.

I have just been so damn busy lately. Planning a kitchen tea, now a hens night and also y'know...the whole wedding thing AND the's just putting a lot of pressure and stress on my mind and body at the moment. 

I am so excited for the wedding but to be honest I can't wait til it's all over and we are sailing around on a cruise ship, and then when we get home we have a week off work to relax some more! Though I may just spend 7 days cuddling my cats because I will miss them so much. I hope they won't be too mad at me.

I am also looking forward to having space back. Wedding stuff has taken over our house. There's stuff in the linen press and all over my desk (I can't actually use it) and behind my desk and in the spare room. It's ridiculous.

So I hereby proclaim that when the wedding is over and we are back from our holiday I will get started blogging properly, because I really enjoy it :) 


  1. I know how you feel, I want to be like that too! This go around I am going to really do it :D

    1. You should definitely blog more! Your blog is good and your little girl is so cute!!
      Thanks for the comment - it's the first one I've gotten! :-)

  2. Hey Megan, Thanks for the comment on my blog, I've just nipped over to see what your write about, read this and thought oh my god her house must look like mine but on the opposite side of the world! It's mad isn't it all the stuff you accumulate I've still got 6 months to go!! When are you getting wed? Faye xx

    1. Hi Faye!
      Thanks for the visit! Haha the amount of stuff is astounding
      I have 2 weeks on Saturday!!! It's sooo soon. The butterflies are starting haha. It's getting stressful getting all the little details organised and paying everyone (ugh) but it's a lot of fun.
      How's all your planning going?!