Oops...I Did It Again

I neglected my blog! Man, I love blogging and it's so fun to think up ideas, to take photos and to assemble a post of pictures I've taken or one of cute things I've found online.

I had pneumonia around a month ago and I was having a lot of frustrations with my job and I guess it all just overwhelmed me and I had to sort out my priorities.

I applied for a course at University and I found out a few weeks ago that I got accepted! On that same day I went into my bosses office and resigned. My last day was a few weeks ago and I started uni on Tuesday! I am doing Social Science and will be on campus 4 days a week for lectures and tutorials. It's all very exciting.

I will be busy with uni work, but I am hoping that since I will be getting home a LOT earlier than I would if I was working I will have time to take photos and to write blog posts!

Stay tuned. 

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