Instagram Recap January 2015

I post too many photos on instgram. It's hard to choose just a few to post here.
First photo of 2015! + cats have the best lives
Milkshakes + how could you sleep like that?
Secret cat meeting + Violet in my in tray, waiting to be filed
Amos loves the vet + Noah doesn't and attacks people
Lemonade with Nathan + Violet loves playing with my hair
If looks could kill + awww two babies lounging (Peach loves Noah)
Peach is cuter than every other cat ever + I opened the laundry hamper and found him there! Haha
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Megan xo  

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  1. Our doggies sleep like that! They trade off, it seems, as to who is curled up and who is laying all floppylike on their back xD