Daily Instax January 29 - February 11

Hello! I went back to TAFE this past fortnight, and now only have 6 months left! I also went back to work at the cattery where I volunteer which I love. Surrounded by cats = heaven.
Blue sky after rainy days + my Decemberists banner I got with their new album
This was meant to be a selfie with Violet but I accidentally covered the flash - I like how it looks + my boys
Back to TAFE, my backpack makes me feel like a teenager + nice sunshine in my office
We were being old and driving to flooring places + another photo I stuffed up in a creepy parking garage
The "I got my hair done FINALLY" photo + ahhh perfect little Peach
His precious ball + I love how the background is dark and you can only see Violet
Kittens at work that I had to transport - I fell in love + I've been obsessed with making cups of tea lately!
Last year I worried about how boring my photos might be, or how awful the ones I ruined were so I would take multiple pics some days and waste my precious film. This year I'm not going to worry too much if I take a photo of my cats for 3 days in a row, or if they don't turn out quite right. The imperfection makes them real and I like that. And I also want more candid photos of people, so I really like the one of Nathan driving!

Take care
Megan xo      


  1. Love the photo of Peach on the 7th - she's got that look of "yes, can I help you, I'm kinda busy here!"!! So cute!

    1. Super busy having one of her many daily naps! :-)