A Year With Amos

On February 7, 2014 Nathan and I adopted a big goober of a dog. We have now had Amos for just over a year and wanted to share a few photos of him because he's ridiculously cute.
This is from when we first got him, still my favourite photo of him ever
I took this one the other day, he's an idiot
From the second time he had a cone when he had eye surgery
Those ears kill me!
My happy boy
I love this boy so much, this face represents how happy he makes me
He's still over excitable, but he just cracks us up. He loves that blue ball and you cannot get it off him unless you trick him with food. He is food obsessed! We love him <3
Take care
Megan xo

When we got Amos
Update one in May 2014

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