Daily Instax February 12 - 25

I'm not gonna lie, there are quite a few cat pictures this week, but to be fair they're not all my cats!
At the park with Amos + Peach loves her window seat <3
Valentines Day card and flowers from Nathan <3 + Amos "kick the damn ball" Diggory 

Transporting kittens to TAFE + cats at my work placement
Noah loving the toy I made + this girl is such a beauty
I made a batch of cupcakes and packed them up for my husbands work and family + sleepy babes
Mum and I at her place + he freakin' loves that ball more than he loves me
My favourite cat at work, Ginger Rogers + my sleepy old man <3 
8/14 cat photos! 5 of which are of my cats haha
Take care


  1. The kittens are so cute!! I would have a hard time seeing them all the time and not taking them home!!

    1. I was tempted just to drive them home and then move states so no one would catch me!