365 Crafting Time Days 114 - 127

I am so proud of myself - I crafted every day this fortnight! Even if I was lazy a couple of days, I still did it! 
An envelope + I needed more hair ties so I made a few!
A divider for my planner + organisation should be cute

Sundays are now planner decorating days + a gift from my bro in law, a cardboard Peach I had to put together
Lazy day washi + decorating my TAFE folder but I didn't like it....

So I changed it the next day with some Hermione inspo + I found my charcoal pencil and drew for a bit
I made labels for my storage drawers + Sunday planner
Decorating a package + folder dividers for TAFE
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Megan xo 


  1. Organization should, indeed, be pretty!! Its the only way it works for me, anyway, ha!!
    Love the Peach cardboard cutout as well! xD

    1. Yeah you have to make it fun haha! And thanks, since the real fluffy Peach won't let anyone but my husband and myself see her, the cardboard one will be a nice substitute haha!