Friday Fancies

Hi! Time for more fancies :-)
Faerie Mag
Oh my gosh, this bangle is so ridiculously amazing 
Anima Causa
The coolest bookmark ever!
The Little Epicurean
Ohhh boy - I wish I was eating these right now 
Eclectic Eccentricity via The Dainty Squid 
Such a pretty necklace 
I seem to really like toiletry bags lately? Haha. I love these blue bears 
Down That Little Lane
I also seem to like necklaces! I can't choose which colour I like the most 
Such rad stickers! I wouldn't want to use them they are so pretty!
Take care
Megan xo


  1. Those fox necklaces are adorable! I would say one of each, though, they all look fabulous! Though, partical to the middle color (rose gold, maybe?) as it's the most fox-like of the bunch xD

    1. I think it is rose gold, and you're right - it is the most fox-like! So pretty