Friday Fancies

The first Friday Fancies for 2015! I've been thinking of changing the way I do these but am unsure at the moment. I feel like a new year is a good time to freshen things up! For now though, here are the things I found over the past 2 weeks...
This birds of Australia print is so fun and colourful 

Barrantundo on etsy
Adorable little seal bowl 
Culture Flock Clothing
Sounds pretty good to me 
dandyrions on etsy
Such a cute shirt! Why is it not in my size?!
antipodean love
I love some terrible Aussie slang so I need these! 
look human
The most perfect and correct shirt ever 
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo

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  1. I own that dandyrions shirt in a dark Hunter green, and it is fabulous! I love it. I am actually planning to save up to ask her to do a custom shirt for me with a raccoon on it, but I keep waffling on which color I want it to be and can't decide. If you need a different size, though, I would write her! She's very good at communicating and does custom orders. I was really happy with my purchase from her - the only downside is that it's hand-wash only, but really, that's not such a big deal.