Friday Fancies

Hello! Here are my fancies
The source no longer exists! :-(
These Totoro phone cases are so cute, the source seems to has disappeared but you can find these on eBay and other stores!
Typo are always amazing, and this backpack is incredible! 
Down That Little Lane
Eep! How cute is this night light!
A gorgeous toiletry bag by Ted Baker 
kathrynselbert on etsy
Oh my gosh...I love this. Especially the black pugs face! 
As per usual, kikki.K is amazing 
Take care!
Megan xo


  1. I LOVE that makeup bag!

  2. That Totoro phone case is amazingggg. Why are all the good phone cases never available for the phones I love, ha! The place for my phone's camera and external speakers is right where Totoro's eyes and nose is xD

  3. I'm with Jessica - the phone cases I love are never available for Androids, only for iphones. Sigh. There's a gap phone case with BEAR EARS I can't get over, but it's not available for me and I don't like iphones enough to go buy one just for the case!

    1. You think they'd make them for all phones so they would sell more!