One Little Word For 2015

How many New Years posts can I do? However many I want, that's how many! I even have one more planned as well! Muwahaha.

This year I decided to choose a word to sort of guide my life throughout the year. I've heard of this in the past, Ali Edwards has a blog about it,  and I've seen quite a few people do it this year and I feel like it could be beneficial to me! The word I have chosen for 2015 is...

I chose this word for a couple of reasons. I can be quite shy and nervous, which makes it hard for me to speak to people sometimes. Even sending an email to someone freaks me out. I also suffer from anxiety, which makes it hard for me to try new things, and even sometimes makes it hard for me to leave the house.

This year I want to be BRAVE. I want to try new things, I want to contact people and say "hey I think you're cool - let's be pen pals". I want to try new things on my blog, step out of my comfort zone. Even asking my friends to do something makes me nervous, so I have already set up things with people to see them and even just have coffee.

I want to build my confidence and make myself realise that things aren't as bad as I assume they're going to be. It might be a slow process but any amount of progress is a good amount.

I'm thinking of doing a monthly blog post about how I was brave that month, and I am excited to see what happens!

Have you chosen a word for 2015? I'd love to know what it is
Megan xo 


  1. I'm in the same exact boat as you! It's hard to get out of the house for me, unless it's something planned by the Mister, and he likes to stay home just as much as I do! I don't do well with interacting with random people for the most part, but this is why I love blogging - you are able to share in such a fashion that you can put off worrying about it for a while, ha!
    Wishing you all the best in your OneLittleWord endeavors!
    I chose "embrace" for 2015. I've always felt that being a little "off" would hamper me, but I'm trying to focus on some of the more quirky things that I enjoy, and not care so much about what anyone else things - so far, it's let me to colorful mismatched socks, and even just that makes me happy, ha!

  2. Love this! My word for 2015 would probably have to be "open", there are so many new beginnings and different roads my life can lead to right now I just really want to stay flexible.