2015 Blog Plan + Yearly Projects

Today I am sharing with you my plans for my blog, and the yearly projects I am plan to work on this year! I also want to share how I plan to achieve my goals for 2015...
I bought this 2015 workbook from Leonie Dawson. I've already filled in out and I truly believe that by regularly checking this workbook, and reaffirming with myself what my goals are and why I want to achieve them that I can actually do the things I want to do in 2015! It's so colourful, bright, and encouraging! I highly recommend checking it out. 

Yearly projects

Blog Plan 
  • monthly photo an hour posts 
  • monthly goal recaps
  • monthly Bravery posts 
  • fortnightly daily instax and 365 Crafting Time posts as usual 
  • incoming/outgoing mail
  • posts showing my favourite pages from the 1 Page at a Time book
  • share more recipes that I try 
  • gift guides for things such as Mothers Day etc 
  • showing how I customise my new planner 
  • monthly recaps for things such as reviews of books. movies etc
  • or possibly monthly favourite posts 
So, I have lots of things to do and really want to make this blog better this year! Do you have any blog plans for 2015?
Megan xo 


  1. Can't wait to see all of your posts for the year! You sound like you know exactly what you want to be posting!
    I wish I was that organized about it. I normally try and keep a running list, and just schedule things in from that, ha! I have to do a brainstorming session every two weeks or so to refurbish the list, but so far it's working out! :)

    1. Thank you - I really want to try harder this year with this blog and being organised will help. I was trying your way for a while too, but I am so lazy I need more structure haha. I can't wait to see what's happening with you throughout the year :-)