Instagram Recap December 2014

Mug from my brother and sister in law + Violet was doing some filing 
She is so majestic + my Mum bought an amazing dessert assortment!
Mum stayed with us and Violet is a traitor + trying to take a nice pic with a big dog = hard
THAT FACE! + my friends and I came third at trivia!
Little soft babies
She is way too cute + coffee and dog shaped biscuits!
Awww I love these 3 idiots
Christmas pancakes + I of course fell over and bruised my knee!
Noah likes this +  27 years old buying Girlfriend magazine cause T-Swift was on it!
My friends puppy is so cute and he fell asleep on me! + the best mug ever
Final instagram photos of 2014 = cat butt + these two struggled to make it til midnight!
Take care
Megan xo
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