Daily Instax April 8 - 21

Welcome to this fortnights installment of daily Instax photos. I printed quite a few with my new printer. My brother said it's cheating, but I literally do not care haha :-)
Cuddles at work + gorgeous flowers at my friends baby shower 
Chillin with my beautiful niece + a sneaky pic of work 
Pet sitting as per usual + Noah 'helping' me do assignments 
I couldn't resist + surgery time at work (I took this photo afterwards!) 
Spent the afternoon in Hartley with Nathan + helping Nathans auntie wash her dog <3 
I had to put his bed on my desk + hydrating at TAFE 
Glenn visited, Amos was very happy + time for one of her cuddle sessions where she ends up biting me 
Have a good one!
Megan xo

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