Book Jar DIY

I've seen these book jars in a bunch of places lately, and decided to make my own. I have 94 unread books on my shelf...that is terrible! Everytime I finish a book, instead of struggling to choose a new book I will pick one out of the jar and then I have to read it. I thought it would be a good way to get through books I've been putting off*. Here is how I made mine!
I started with a big clean jar I bought for $5 (it might be a bit too big - oh well)
I used coloured MT tape to wrap around the jar, then I used glue and some Martha Stewart glitter for the knob on the lid of the jar for a bit of sparkle. 
 Next I got some sharpies and post-it notes. I wrote 3 books on each post-it, folded it in half so it stuck (no peeking!), then cut them up!

Thank you Nathan for taking this photo :-)
 Once they were all cut up I put them in the jar and placed it on my bookshelf. 
It looks awesome and I think it will make my book choosing way easier!
Megan xo

 P.S I believe the original idea was by Alex In Leeds and now every booktuber is doing it!

*note - I did NOT put War and Peace in this jar because I know if I chose that I wouldn't read it haha!


  1. It has been AMAZING to see what everyone is doing with this idea! Have fun with your picks - I'm about to pick my fourth choice from mine and you can see how I'm doing on my blog, Alex in Leeds.

    1. It's a really great idea! Good job! Thanks for the comment :-)