I Love Lush

I love Lush! Nothing is tested on animals and all of their products are natural, they smell amazing and I've only found a couple of products that I dislike out of a million I have tried! I needed to buy something for Mother's Day so I decided to get myself a couple of things too!

My Mum mentioned she wanted to try this so I got a tub for her for Mother's Day. I have some in my shower and it's so lovely and moisturising but very oily. Best to use at night so it sinks in.

Cupcake! This is a new one for me, I've heard it's really good and I have been a bit pimply lately so I am hoping this helps. Smells chocolatey!
 Another new one for me! Tea Tree Water. I am hoping this helps with my breakouts.
 Mint Julips. I've tried Lush's Popcorn lip scrub but it was so gross...this one though is heavenly and I don't think I will ever try another one from them!
One of my top 5 Lush products - Honey I Washed the Kids. Oh my goodness, it smells AMAZING...please note it does not taste amazing. (Um, I heard that from a friend...yes...a friend)
I really love Lush!!!
Megan xo

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