Friday Fancies

Hello! My first fancy this week is that we are going to a wedding this weekend! And we actually get to go away for it, we even have a hotel booked and everything. I'm really looking forward to every part of it. The drive there, the hotel, dressing up, the cheese shopping (it's near the Hunger Valley), and most of all our friend's wedding! It's going to be so great! My Mum is staying at our place to look after all the fluffs and she is more excited than I am, it's so cute! 
The Party Cupboard
Currently obsessed with Halloween decorations and these guys are so cute 
PhoebeWahl on etsy
Love this warrior woman pin and her hairy legs!
I'm not normally a skirt person but I love this one!
This reminds me of the 90s! 
A Halloween fave and a Christmas one? Don't judge me!!! 
PinDazed on etsy
A perfect pin. I love Ralph 
Have a lovely weekend, 
Megan xo 


  1. Bring me back a cheese wheel! And that skirt!

    1. I think when I go shopping this week I will need to get the skirt!