Friday Fancies

It's finally Friday! This week has seemed to take forever. You know when you have something you're really looking forward to on the weekend so the week just drags forever? Well my friends are having a Halloween party tomorrow and I'm helping them decorate and I'm making all of the desserts for it so I am SO EXCITED! And my costume is kinda cool (I'll post pics of it!), and I'm excited to see our friends costumes and hang out with them. I just can't wait! 
The cutest pin - every cat ever 
I think I'll be needing this for Christmas Day!
These make me think of something elves would use in Lord of the Rings! 
Omoi Zakka
This candle tin is so lovely!
Emily McDowell Studio
Matching charms for Amos and I <3 
jennaleealldread on etsy
This pillow is so pretty and I love the colour of it! 
Have a wonderful weekend,
Megan xo 

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