Incoming Mail - Mel Stringer

I love when an online store goes above and beyond to send a beautiful parcel to their customers, so I was very happy when I received my order from Mel Stringers etsy store girliepains.
This was what I ordered, and the first photo is everything that was inside the pacakge! How lovely is that! This is Mels own washi tape and it is so precious!
Also included some cute little pictures and a lovely card that I will have to send to someone soon!
And a hand written note - which is such a nice touch!
And (the best part) lollies! I love Pop Rocks and the little heart beat lollies were one of my favourites growing up and I didn't even know you could still buy them! She sent two but already ate one!

I just had to share this parcel, it really made me smile!
Megan xo

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