Outgoing Mail: Swap Box

As I mentioned previously, I am obsessed with being a pen pal. I've gathered quite a few through different websites and now have several people to correspond with. I love it! I found the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club and got matched with a girl in the USA. We contacted each other and decided to do a swap of bits and pieces! Here is what I included for her.
First up a bunch of my favourite Australian lollies - Milkos are my absolute favourite!
She is a fan of Harry Potter so I sent her a Deathly Hallows necklace
I didn't even know you could still buy these, but I found them in a lolly shop!
Furry Friends really take me back, and I had to include Mint Patties!
A little kangaroo and a koala keyring
Wizz Fizz!! I'm feeling so nostalgic because of all these lollies
I've started collecting patches. I couldn't find a Blue Mountains one so this was the closest!
My swap partner collects coins so I sent her one of each. I should have found shinier ones oops
Australian stickers, a couple of postcards and an Aussie lingo bookmark.
The months theme was sorcery, so I wrote my letter on the back of a witches hat I printed out and stuck to cardstock
I wrapped everything up in brown paper and used washi tape to make it more colourful
I put tissue paper in the box and all of the flat bits on the bottom. Then I put in the little parcels and some pompoms!
Swaps can be expensive, but I really only spent a few dollars on each thing so this whole lot probably cost around $20-$25 to put together which is OK as long as you're not doing a LOT of swaps! One every now and then is my limit or else I will have no money. I still haven't posted it and am scared of what Australia Post are going to charge to ship this parcel overseas! Eep! I should also say that for the chocolate and melt-able lollies I placed them in zip lock bags before wrapping them, just in case they melt on their way!

I hope you enjoyed this and got a few ideas of what to send international pen pals!
Megan xo 

P.S I also included a lamington recipe but I forgot to photograph that!

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