Friendship Cake

My sister in law sent me an email asking if I wanted Herman the German Friendship cake. I like cake, and the idea intrigued me so I said yes and she sent Nathan home with a tupperware container full of batter. 

Basically, someone gives you some batter, you stir it everyday for nine days (adding flour, sugar, and milk on 2 of those 9) and on the ninth day you split it up into 4 equal shares and bake your batch on the tenth day! 

Herman is a sourdough cake, so you sit the batter covered with a towel in your kitchen and he bubbles away! I had no one to give batter to (all my friends are so far away!) so I made a variation of the cake and some muffins which were AMAZING. I wanted to share some photos of my cake though, as it's such a cool idea and I am pretty happy with the cake!
I decided to make the lemon cake, and made a glaze with icing sugar and some lemon juice whisked together. Pretty delicious!

Find out more info about Herman here, and there is also instructions on how to make a starter batter for yourself!
Megan xo