My Collections - Patches

Hello! Today I decided to share my small patch collection with you. It's only something I recently started collecting! My Dad collected police patches when I was younger. He would send overseas cops his NSW patches and they would send their ones back, he had heaps! I think he may have influenced me slightly.

These 2 I bought from a vintage store in Melbourne
My sister in law sent me these amazing Harry Potter ones!!
Star Trek Voyager purchased at Oz Comic Con
My Dad sent me a Simpsons SWAT patch! I love it 
The Knox District one is also from my sister in law, and the Jurassic Park one I bought on eBay - it's my favourite
My other favourites are these Scout patches from America! Also from eBay! (I forgot to photograph this one with my good camera oops!)
So my little collection is growing. I want to buy ones from places I visit, but not many places sell patches which is a shame! I also need to find a way to display them and will share photos when I think of something!
Megan xo

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