I used to fear change, I was so comfortable with my job that I didn't care that I earned shitty money and there wasn't any room for a promotion within the company. After 7 years I quit that job and started at University doing social science. I was so desperate to get out of that office that I decided it was the right course for me. After a while I realised that it just wasn't what I wanted to do, and eventually decided to start Animal Studies and I have never been happier! I've already completed one term and start the second one in a few weeks and I have decided once I finish this I want to do vet nursing.

So apart from career plans, I've also made other small changes in my life. I've changed my diet, my exercise habits, and I am planning on working harder on this blog and in every other aspect of my life. I wanted to share my new plans here as a way to track how I am going (and for accountability haha).
  • taking better care of myself
  • better blog content 
  • more time doing the things I like, instead of being on tumblr, and trying new things
  • being more organised and crafting a routine for myself 
  • stop caring what others think of me, share things I am nervous about, be more confident 
  • taking more pride in my home
I am hoping these things will help me be a better version of me. Have you made any changes lately? Maybe we can support each other?
Have a great day,
Megan xo


  1. That is so exciting. I just finished veterinary nursing after 8 years in the industry. So many fun times. :)

    1. I am very excited! And your new job is absolutely perfect for you!