August Wrap Up

August was really great! I finished my assignments, my friend had a baby girl, and we got a lot of rain! Here are things that had me interested during the month. 

Guardians of the Galaxy - 5/5
I saw this twice! Once with my brother and again with Nathan. It was really exciting and funny, and had the BEST soundtrack I have ever heard. I wonder if it's still out so I can see it again... 

Pacific Rim - 5/5
I put off watching this for ages, I thought it was going to be like the terrible Transformers movies, so I was really surprised when I enjoyed it a lot!! 

Captain American: Winter Soldier - 4/5
Finally watched this. Captain America isn't a favourite of mine, although I have been liking him a lot more lately. I watched this for Black Widow to be honest, I find her to be a more interesting character. I enjoyed this, but not as much as other Marvel films. 

Listening to
Nicki Minaj - Anaconda 

OK seriously NSFW. This song has been stuck in my head for weeks, it is so damn catchy. I love the film clip too...just don't read the comments. People are sick. 

Saga Volume 2 - 5/5
Seriously still in a reading slump, but I did read this AMAZING comic. I am reading them slowly as there is a wait for volume 4 and I don't want to wait dammit!! 

I've decided to make this wrap up a monthly thing, but I still need to sort out how I want to format it and such so let me know if you have any advice!
Megan xo

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