Summer Projects

I go back to Uni at the end of February, and there are still so many things I want to do before then!
  1. Blog A LOT! Including about some of these projects! I've been getting into a 3 posts a week routine that I want to keep up (although it's hard to think up stuff when I am so boring haha)
  2. Print wedding photos and put them in the album we got as a gift
  3. Make an album of our honeymoon cruise photos!!
  4. Make an album for the printsagram photos I got printed 
  5. Paint my house shaped shelves 
  6. Clean up backyard 
  7. Alphabetise DVDs (it is currently impossible to find what we're looking for!) 
  8. Clean out clothes and donate the ones that I don't want/don't fit
  9. Organise all of the cupboards in the house (we've only lived here a year and they're a mess?!) 
  10. Paint my cork board 
  11. Start an art journal
  12. Get through a few books that I haven't read (so many aaggghh) 
  13. Organise framing of posters we have so we can finally hang stuff up and start making the house ours a bit more!  
  14. Organise my office so I can find things! 
  15. Hang the huge canvas that we ordered from our wedding photographer (hopefully it's ready soon!) 
So as you can see I've already checked off two things on this list, and I really hope I can finish all of them before I go back to uni. Last semester I was pretty stressed out, I hope if I do all of the things I've been putting off (I got married in 2012 and still have no photos!), then I will have less to worry about and can focus more!
My poster from Blue Dog Posters
Have a good one
Megan xo

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