2014 Organisation

One of my New Years Resolutions is to be more organised. This is spurred on by the fact that I was extremely disorganised in 2013 and it caused me a lot of stress and sleepless nights as I forgot to do things and failed to keep on top of uni work. I want that to change this year and I have developed my own personal system that is very simple and will hopefully help me a lot. 
Purchased from Kikki-K

My first helper is this 365 day diary. I used one of these a couple of years ago and found that writing everything down at the end of each day actually helps me sleep better. Going through everything that I am worried or even excited about clears my head. 
Purchased from the Book Depository - the cheapest I found!

Next is this violet Moleskine. I really like the Moleskine diaries for keeping all of my plans organised. 
Sorry for the odd angle, it is so overcast today and I cannot find good light
Inside the Moleskine I'm using bright post-it notes for my blog posts, that way I can move them if necessary and remove them when I am done! (Also yes we are getting Foxtel installed on Saturday - I am excited for cartoons and Martha Stewart - ha ha). 
Also from Kikki-K - they were having a sale!
I love these bright pens. I'm using them to uh...colour code stuff in my Moleskine...yup, I am now a colour coder. The gold polka dot pen is to use in my 365 journal - it writes so nicely.
ha ha these stickers are so crappy
I use this black book to write down lists of things I need to do and, obviously, ideas! 
Adhesive dots from Kikki-K & Martha Stewart To Do notepad from Officeworks
These last two are really helpful. The adhesive dots are good for sticking tickets, photos, etc into my diary and I use the to do list every day! I write down everything that needs to be done (duh) and having a list like this really helps me to actually get everything checked off. Looking at my finished list at the end of each day is really satisfying. 

So that's everything! I hope you enjoyed my first organisation post. I really love reading posts like this, so I am happy to finally try it out for myself.

Have a great day,
Megan xo


  1. I love stationary. I can't resist cute stuff. I have a planner for my blog as well as the kiki k journal. :)

    1. I wish I could work in a stationery store, but I would buy everything and have no money