Daily Instax January 15-28

I am still doing my daily instax photo and have been for 28 days now - go me! I am still playing around with how to show them, so I am doing things a little different to last week - it really depends on the light in my house. Let me know what you think! 
Easter eggs are out already, so I bought myself a Cadbury Creme egg! 
Giving Violet a smooch 
I got sunburned whilst driving, check out the colour difference
Belated Christmas present from a friend - cat shaped whiteboard and Lush soaps!! 
I walked into the spare room and Noah was sitting on Nathans amp...?
Trying to work at your desk when you have cats - impossible
My cork board and posters above my desk
The view outside on a rainy day
Using my new oil pastels!
Butthead being a butthead
They WERE sitting back to back, so I went to get the camera and they moved :-(
I realised there were no photos of me and decided to take a selfie
A vegetarians crisper on grocery day - chock-full of green! And corn!!
This clock makes me smile every day!
So these are all of the photos for the last 14 days. It shows how boring I really am, I need to get out more!
Megan xo


  1. OUCH! That sunburn looks so painful

    1. I looked like a lobster! Luckily it's healed now, but I couldn't sleep it was so sore!