Melbourne Shopping

A couple of years ago one of my best friends, Quincy, and I went to see Taylor Swift in Sydney. I promised Quincy that if she ever came here I would go with him, and not long after she announced a tour. To be honest I wasn't really THAT much of a fan, I just knew Quincy didn't have anyone to go with. So anyways, we went to her show and it was AMAZING. She was so fun and it was a big theatrical event. Quincy eventually moved to Melbourne, so when she announced another tour, I decided to use it as an excuse to visit Melbourne! I did a bit (a lot) of shopping, mainly for Christmas presents, but here are the best things that I bought for me! 
I went to Minotaur, who are really expensive but you get instant gratification for nerdy things like these PEZ sets I've been wanting for ages! And I also got Ms Piggy there - I love her.
I went to Daiso for the very first time (I'd never even heard of it!) and holy crap it is amazing! They had so much cute stuff! I bought a few things, but I think the stickers are my favourites! I actually found out there are several in NSW, so I am definitely going soon! 
I've saved the best purchase for last...
Troll Dolls! I've been looking for some on eBay lately but they were too expensive. Quincy told me to check out this shop on Chapel St and they had a Christmas tree covered in trolls where I grabbed the purple one and as I walked around the huge store I found the big one and a whole cupboard full of smaller ones! They had SO MANY vintage toys and vintage everything! It appears to just be called Chapel Street Bazaar and I want to go back. The trolls were around the same price as I saw on eBay, minus postage, but they did seem to be kinda pricey with other stuff - but I guess you pay for things that are hard to find.

So that's not everything I bought, but it is the best stuff!
Have a great day
Megan xo


  1. I love chapel street bazaar. SO many rad things. I love the miss Piggy pop.