Happy New Year - 2014!

Happy New Year!
As per usual, how the hell is it a new year already? Here are some things that happened in 2013
  • my step-mother had two baby girls and I go two cutie pie baby sisters! 
  • I quit my job and started uni
  • Nathan lost his job (politics!) and started a new one that meant changes, but also good things
  • we got a new cat, Violet, and she makes us laugh every day
  • there were bush fires :( 
  • my brother Paul got engaged!
Overall, a good year with a few hiccups but that's to be expected!
Butt head - check out those perfect eyebrow whiskers
Here are my goals for 2014
  1. focus on Uni - I am doing 3 units instead of 4 next semester, so things should be easier!
  2. be healthier - and I don't mean "rah rah must lose weight" because that does not work, but I just mean exercise and actually eat 3 meals a day instead of forgetting to eat lunch, and to start sleeping at a regular time
  3. get a puppy! We are getting our rotting fence replaced with a nice high one, which means we can get a dog FINALLY!
  4. take an Instax photo a day to document the year, which I will hopefully turn into a blog post every two weeks 
  5. do the 52 week art journal course I bought from the A Beautiful Mess ladies
  6. make an effort to be more organised 
  7. spend less money 
  8. read 40 books for my Goodreads 2014 challenge (I failed this year, and I also plan to read more comics so this will help haha) 
  9. get out of my comfort zone and try new things 
  10. keep this blog updated - this is one I really, really want to do. I love blogging and I've been worried for a while about making quality blog posts about things that might interest other people however I should just blog about what I like. So my plan for PeachSponge is to blog about books, games, stationery, home organisation, my cats, stuff we do and nerdy things - because these are my favourite things! 
So, these goals aren't too crazy but my main goal is just to be happy and to do things that make me happy! Sorry for the text heavy post, but here's another photo of a cat to break it up!
Check out that belly fluff 

Anyways, I hope you had a great New Years Eve and I hope you have a fantastic 2014!
Megan xo


  1. Oh man I have so many comics to recommend you. Try Clumsy by Jeffery Brown and also Scarlet. You cna thank me later. :)

  2. I have Scarlet! I am going to read it soon actually. And I just added Clumsy to my list. I will let you know what I think of them :-D