Friday Fancies

Welcome to another Friday, I hope wherever you are it's not as hot as it has been here! I've been eating a lot of frosty fruits! 
TinyHoboTees on etsy
I love this chubby Wonder Woman!
I love this Roy Lichtenstein print. I am planning to get this to put in our bedroom! 

Crystal Cactus
These fairy quartz necklaces remind me of gems I had when I was younger, 
when I really thought they were made by fairies! 
LovelyBody on etsy
I love this soap - it is so beautiful 
LittleBarkster on etsy
When we get our dog I am SO buying this! 
mylittlemookie on etsy
 Wookiee outfit for a baby!!!
Lebowski Funko figurines!!! :-o
That's all for this week, I hope you have an awesome weekend. Today I am heading to Leura to go to Rubyfruit with one of my best friends - I am getting their amazing vegan burrito and some vegan cupcakes to bring home! One of my favourite places to eat.
Megan xo


  1. I have pre ordered all the Big lewbowski pops. I'm so excited. And I LOVE that chubby wonder woman tee. So cute.

    1. Cool! I think I need to buy them all as a surprise for my husband.