Friday Fancies

Hello again! Welcome to another Friday Fancies. This week I've been loving
This Bilbo Baggins tote bag - Katikut on Society6

Phases of the moon earrings! By IvyandGoldHandcraft on etsy
Pam t-shirt! MeganLara on Redbubble
Archer badges. I think Dr Krieger is my second favourite character!
ButtonMashing on etsy 
I need this t-shirt ! I saw it in Nerd Burgers Christmas haul and I fell in love!
CaptainRibman on Redbubble
Vegan cake batter fudge...get in and around my mouth - Blissful Basil
Dinosaur gloves! Made in Australia too - HotScones on etsy
That's all for this week! Have a great weekend
Megan xo


  1. The princess shirt is now one of my all time faves. It is so well made and fits so well. :)

    1. I think it will definitely be my next t-shirt purchase!