Daily Instax June 17-30

I love how this weeks Instax update ends on the last day of the month! Perfect! (Warning, so many cat pics this fortnight!)
Jurassic Park Lego! + Noah looking angelic
Mum stayed over and of course cuddled this traitor + we went to the Winter Magic Fest in Katoomba
My sister in law gave me an adorable handbag + this film was dodgy, but I think it's cool!
My last day at the cattery :( + Violet being cheeky with a toy T-Rex I won (it's camouflaged)

My goober dog + new hair that Violet was investigating
Cuddles + sunbathing babies
Amos wanted to drive my car + I found Peach sleeping here - it looks uncomfortable?!
Take care
Megan xo 

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