June Stationery

"I'm going to stop buying so much stationery" - a younger, more naive Megan. Yeah, that didn't happen. I am a sucker for cheap stationery and I need a support group or something. 
Yes, the most amazing stickers ever. I made and ordered these on Vistaprint
Brown envelopes from Muji - less than $2 for 10 make these the cheapest envelopes like these I've found
Fuzzy stickers from Toys R Us
Adorable dinosaurs + more fuzzy stickers from Toys R Us (fuzzy stickers are the best)
How freaking cute are these?!
These darling stickers are from The Reject Shop!
And washi tape! From top to bottom  1   2   3   4   5 & 6 
So far this July I've been a bit more sensible and only bought a few bits and pieces. I just really like stationery, and I find that I use so much of it for my craft and snail mail! It's all so perfect. 
Take care,
Megan xo  


  1. Those dinosaur stickers!! I'm quite disappointed in my younger self that I wasn't into dinosaurs, because I feel weird jumping on the bandwagon now...but I can't help it, dinosaurs are cool, man! xD