Daily Instax July 15 - 28

Some days lately I've been so busy, but thankfully I always remember to take my photo!
The cats like to sleep in front of, or on top of the oven. So naughty!
My friend Victoria loves Violet + my sister in law moved to San Fran so we had a farewell dinner
He's so shiny in the sun + the vet clinic where I work now
Our third wedding anniversary! + she is so cute
Lunch in the park near work + snowy Noah
He was rolling around attacking me + cat ball
Crazy eyes Violet + donuts for morning tea at TAFE!
Have a great day
Megan xo


  1. Those donuts look so gooooood! Hope you're enjoying your work!

    1. The donuts are pretty much the highlight of our day at TAFE haha. And thank you, I freakin love my work! :-)

  2. YES! I finally made the wall of fame!